Fell off the wagon of posting. Must do better. Anyway…

Just kicked off a share price reading update. I’m somewhat concerned that the list of symbols is out of date, so I’ll need to get a new list fairly soon. Not quite sure how I’ll integrate that into what I’ve got, but it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

The mirror project is 90% done, in that I think I’ve got the basic unit design finished. I’m printing off my second instance now, and if that works I can print off as many as I’ve got motors for. I’ve not got a backing board for them yet though, so that’s got to be next. Then there’s the small matter of where to put it. I’ve also not thought too much about what pattern they should boot up into, if any. I’m driving the i2c bus from a pico, but it might make more sense to switch to a zero (now I’ve got… several… lying around) so I can have more smarts built-in and control it over the network.

Speaking of which, I’m not sure why the new Zero 2’s don’t bring up the network interface when booted from a Zero’s SD card, but they don’t. There’s an added annoyance there in that the source code I want is on the SD card, it boots up, but I can’t remember the credentials I reset the pi account to and the other account on the card is ssh-only. Have to pull it off manually.